Today I had a fulfilling event at Sacred Heart Hospital in Malolos, Bulacan where my husband, myself and my mother in law facilitated a team building event of 60 employees both medical and non medical staff.

team-building-activity-manila team-bulding-manila

Everyone had fun all day long and most importantly, the higher management was able to participate with the activity as well which inspired most of our participants.

My husband, Troy, created numerous out of the box team building events for organizations and offices no matter how big or small the size is. He’s able to conceptualize and put in order a unique and non conventional team building activities that will help any organization build a stronger and more harmonious relationship.

The team building activities are custom fitted to each of the companies we work with. My mother in law helps in ensuring the organizational development of the activities are in place and effective. She’s a consultant in OD (organizational development) and has been going around the country giving workshops and seminars to both private and government sectors.

I on the other hand provides ideas on proper implementation, possible problem identification and giving solutions. Plus I’m the designated photographer! I think I need to visit now and see what I can get to help me out with the photos and video streaming.

We are called, Pirkko & Troy Tours & Events, Inc and we are providing a unique team building activity in Manila and nearby cities.