Ted is our pet cat. We rescued Ted from PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) last March 2012 and he has been part of the family ever since. Our friends are all hoomin Mamas and Papas to cute felines and we have great support from them and learned so much about being a responsible hoomin parents to kitty cats.  The decision to get a pet cat for our family, specially to Peaches who fell in love with our friends’ pet cats,  is a no-brainer. The one great advise they gave us was to let the cat choose us.

We arrived at PAWS early and we were interviewed twice by their volunteers and when we passed, we were ushered to the nursery and kittenery and were asked to scout and choose the cat we want to bring home. We initially wanted an orange tubby but none of them are friendly enough to go near us when we were attempting to hold or go near them.  Then there’s this little grey tubby who went to my husband and asking for a pat. Troy did tell the kitten that we’ll be back and get him. That kitten is our Teddy boy 🙂

Adopt a Cat at PAWS

He really wanted to be taken home because he waited for us near the cage door and when he saw Troy approach (from filling up few more papers to finally getting a kitty), he kept meowing and looking directly at us. So adorable. We couldn’t resist even if we truly wanted a light colored cat.

Ted’s story is a bit sad but he’s really turned around and settled in with us. He’s a happy, naughty and active cat now. He’s nocturnal because he’s an indoor cat and so we often hear him play with his toys in the middle of the night 🙂 And he’s sleepy in the morning.

Ted with Hoomin Dad

Yep, both boys are wearing stripes! lol.

My friend, Kate  said, ‘BEAUTY BEYOND BREED” and I totally support this cause. Look how good looking our Teddy boy is!

Ted from PAWS

If you’re interested to adopt a pet, please do call PAWS , 4751688