December 26, 2007 was the day that our lives had a 360 degrees turn and it was the day I earned my battle scar. After Christmas, our beautiful baby girl was born. I was pushing and trying for a normal delivery but my fate was otherwise. I had to undergo emergency Cesarean section due to arrest cervical dilation after 10 long hours of labor. I was not ready for an operation at all. I didn’t know what to expect and all I can think was they need to cut me up quick for my baby’s sake. It didn’t help that the hospital was so strict, they wouldn’t allow my husband or anyone else near me during labor up until I was wheeled in to the operation room.

I was surprised I didn’t cry all through out the ordeal. I was still smiling every time my OB comes in to check on my dilatation (some of you would know how painful it can get when the docs do their finger test!). Finally, when my baby’s

SCARRED. That was my initial thought. Funny though that I was more concerned of the scar than the fact, they’re going to cut me open.

I had the vertical cut or sometimes called the traditional cut because I went through an emergency CS and that was the SOP. My OB assured me that post operative care would be easy and the scar would not be as bad because of Contractubex. I asked what it was for because it was quite expensive and was told it is to minimize keloid formation. The OB prescription said to use Contractubex 2-3 times a day for 3 months and can still continue for another 3 months if the scar is still visible.

Just weeks into using Contractubex along with my other wound care regimen, I can see how nicely my wound is healing. I don’t feel any uneasiness and was sure that no scarring from within the skin occurred. After 3 months, the scar was barely there. If not for the “divided” folds of my uhmmmm belly, it’s hardly seen at all.

There are two things I am grateful during my post operative state. A husband that takes care of me and my newborn baby and Contractubex that really delivered what it was made for. Looking back, I never really felt any pain during my healing process.

Today, as I stand in the mirror looking at my battle scars, I know it was a battle won many times over. With a beautiful child who grew to have a beautiful heart, every pain, any scar is worth it.