Let me share what I learned from this trying time. I learned that DEATH is inevitable. Even the toughest and strongest person dies. It’s an end result we are all bound to face. The hardest part is accepting the loss and dealing with it. As for my family, we were faced with a sudden loss.
Through all this we, as a family, embraced each other, indifferences forgotten and crying together for our great loss. Comforting those who were weak and couldn’t accept it yet and wiping the tears that were continuously pouring at each others’ eyes.

After which, laughter is always the end part. We will never be the same without laughter and too much noise! We will never be De Jesus without loud voices and earth shattering laughter.

And most of all, I grew closer to my aunts, uncles, cousins and nieces and nephew. Appreciating them more than ever and thankful for having them.