For years, Magnolia has been the household name for ice cream treats. The Old Magnolia Ice cream house at Aurora blvd was witness to several great memories and eating Magnolia ice cream has always brought those good memories back. In 1994, Magnolia Ice Cream partnered with Nestle and then sometime later, finally decided to sell all of Magnolia’s ice cream line (except the branding,  MAGNOLIA) to Nestle. That’s why for so long we thought we were still buying Magnolia but in fact we’re buying Nestle. After 5 years, Magnolia decided it’s high time to bring back the goodness of ice cream that Filipino families here and abroad loved so much. 

But the Old Magnolia House in Aurora Blvd is sadly now a site for a residential condo called MAGNOLIA RESIDENCES (yep, keeping the significance of the place is a good idea). 

Slowly, Magnolia came out with a new packaging, new flavors as well as classic flavors of ice cream. Last summer, Magnolia partnered with the Pink Sisters in Baguio and released Magnolia Ube and Cheese flavor which was a big hit. 

And then just last November, Magnolia released their limited edition which will only last until February 2011. The Magnolia Ice Cream Limited Edition Flavors are: Caramel Cheesecake, Vanilla Praline and Apple Strudel

The Goodness that’s MAGNOLIA! 

Look at how Chrismasy the Apple Strudel is! 

Vanilla Praline with Caramel ripple

So yummy Vanilla Praline–it’s not too sweet! 

The flavors of Magnolia’s Limited Edition
My favorite of the three flavors! 

I mentioned that Magnolia changed their packaging and made it for the better and for a good cause. The Limited Edition tubs are designed by a young Filipino designer (who won the design contest that Magnolia hosted a few months back). 

For frugal Moms life myself, I save empty ice cream tubs to use as food containers, storage, etc. Did you know that Magnolia’s tub is scratch-free annnnnddddd MICROWAVE SAFE and DISHWASHER SAFE? *oh well, I heard the other ice cream brands switched tub supplier (to Magnolia’s tub supplier) and are now microwave and dishwasher safe too* 

From now on, there will be NO OTHER ICE CREAM BRAND in my household but MAGNOLIA! I support all Filipino products and MAGNOLIA IS A FILIPINO BRAND