The Green Mile was a 1999 drama movie adopted from
Stephen King’s novel, The Green Mile.
The setting was 1930’s and revolves around the life of a corrections officer on
a death row cell.

You can read the story here (at least the jist).
It is really touching and my tears won’t stop falling
everytime Coffey talks or cry.

Is it possible that there’s still someone
in this world capable of being self less
as the character Coffey was in the movie?
If there is, life won’t be as hard as it is now.

Coffey was wrongly accused of murder
primarily because of how he looked like.
But never did he hate those who persecuted him.
He even apologized for the things he never did just to
appease the feelings of those who hated him.

If I could be like Coffey even
for moments of BF only! (Biatch fit) LOL
that would cause me less wrinkles!!!

Go on try to read. Or better yet rent it. Or or or watch it over Starmovies.