Whenever I have new pictures, I send it to my parents right away. I can tell how much they appreciate every single one. They look at every picture like it’s the most important thing in the world. And sometimes my heart bleeds when they say “If only I could hug Peaches”.
You see, pictures compensate for not being physically there for their first grand child.
They are so proud of Peaches that they show her pictures to anyone who would look.

Most of the time we would all laugh together on the stories behind each pictures. It’s as if they were with us when we took the shot.
And eventhough most of the time they would always say, “Peaches doesn’t look a bit like you! She got all that prettyness from her Dad!” or “Peaches didn’t get the De Jesus look, she’s an Alcantara!”, I know how much they love her and adore her, that’s why I continue to give photos and take time to edit them (Tatay doesn’t like low quality photos!).

Anyway, that’s how important pictures are to me and my family…how about you?