Often when people ask me what it feels like when you’re a work at home Mom, I tell them it’s great and I’m thankful for it. In all honesty, working at home is a lifestyle, a choice. One cannot stand long being home all day all night for weeks. I chose my job because I’m one of the people who can eat breathe and live in front of the computer. I practically live under a rock (actually I use these term to describe me :)). But sometimes, living under a rock can bear you down–physically and emotionally. Physically because you hardly get Vitamin D, some fresh air and the likes. Emotionally because you tend to feel lonely because there’s no one to talk to.

So then how do I deal with these issues? 
1. I never liked going out anyway. I put it as saving money. 
2. If I’m really bummed out, I go out and take a walk alone. Clear my head and just do whatever I feel like doing (and mostly I eat out ekkk.) 
3. I engage on social networks like Twitter and Plurk. I have great friends from Plurk so it really helps. If none of them perks me up, there’s always Yahoo chat. 
4. If nothing perks me up ever, I sleep– since I hardly get any. 
5. Some people might find this funny but sometimes I dress up even though my work area is few steps away from our bedroom. I do the whole shebangs, I wear make up and wear nice dress 🙂 
Today’s Friday and it’s my first day of the week to go out of the  house. Can you imagine that? hahha.
If that does not tell you anything about the life of a work at home mom, then I don’t know what.