Tatay’s beloved red car was stolen from their home at West Covina. As always bad situation turns into series of bloopers as it is famous to happen with my family.

So Tatay woke up early to drive Mommy to work. When he went out for a good morning check on his beloved car, it was G-O-N-E! Shock is the most understatement of the year to describe Tatay’s reaction. He went to Mommy (who’s taking a bath) and told her the car’s gone. Mom went out (with just a towel on) and screamed “CARNAPPPP”
Tatay on the other hand called his cousin and told him what happened. His cousin told him he’s gonna drive by and fetch Tatay so that they could report it to the POLICE. Out they went to the POLICE STATION. Once there, the officer told them to go home and call the station instead. Turns out the protocol was to call from your home and then investigators will go down on your house to uhhhhhh investigate (?). So there…when all was done, Mommy had to miss work and cooked meal for Tatay instead because he was so shocked he can hardly talk straight. Mommy felt a bit guilty because:

1. When they first bought it, Tatay told her to get full coverage insurance because the car was hot commodity. Mom bought TPL instead because she thought hot commodity meant nothing and the car was small it’s ridiculous to buy full coverage on it.

2. She didn’t think the car was great. As long as Tatay drives her to work and back home.

3. One time when Mom and a friend of hers used the car, a car dealer went up to Mom and told her he would buy the car upfront CASH with this amount. Mommy declined. And laughed at the dealer.

4. Another time when Tatay and Mommy were on their way to Home Depot, a mexican guy was telling them something (via sign language I presume) and Mommy (as panicky as ever) thought they might get robbed or something so they sped up. Worse the mexican followed them to Home Depot (or so they thought) so they ran inside and bought whatever they needed FAST and when they were about to pay….
The guy on the counter was the mexican (lol).

Mexican: “Hey, do you remember me?”
Mommy: “NO!!!”
Tatay: “Why?”
Mexican: “I was telling you earlier I want to buy your car, man”
Tatay: “It’s not for sale, MAN”


Until the day after the car was stolen, I couldn’t talk to Tatay much (not in a bad way) I guess he’s still so affected by the loss of his beloved car. Mom and I were talking about something–other things when he would butt in “Di na siguro mahahanap yun” or “Na chop chop na yun for sure” or “Den (referring to Mommy), bili tayo ulit ha” or ‘Ganun pa rin kaya? pero wala nang ganung model eh” or “ay linte! sayang!” LOL.

So whoever stole my Tatay’s car, Karma is in the air.