Wyt’s post at FS: to all batch FEU-NRMF RICO 2003, the long wait is finally over. you can get your yearbook at the SMT office on monday, september 29, 2008. thank you.

SMS from Joan: Available na daw ang yearbook sa SMT office on Monday just say RICO 2003.

Haller!!!! How many years???? I don’t care anymore and I don’t even want to see the yearbook I bet it’ll be just as disappointing. It should be made of gold or silver for taking so long to finally print it!!! demmet! Those people responsible for the yearbook didn’t even give explanation why it was taking so long. They simply ignored us. I don’t want to point fingers but hallerrrrr…isn’t it too obvious that somewhere somehow someone bagged OUR money??? Did you know that this yearbook cost us more than 5k? They made us pay 11k for the graduation fee aside from the fee already included on our tuition at that time…so why would I be running on Monday at SMT for that stupid yearbook?

What they should have done:

They should have mailed each yearbook to us! A little “pakunswelo” for the time they took! (and the money they took from us)
Gawd. They’re so pathetic.


enough! ang wrinkles!!!!

Be good always,