We’re still in the Kingdom of Jordan 🙂 and well say hello to their King. Visit to Jordan is not complete without a stop at Petra to visit the Treasury.

From the entrance, it’s a loooonnnngggg walk going to the SIQ (opening). From the photo above, you’ll notice most of us are bundled up it’s because the weather was perfect! Great clear sky, cool air enough to make us wear jackets to double as protection from sunlight (read: sunburn). I loved the walk! 
Why not, when you get to see thise scenery along the way,

Then finally we arrived at THE SIQ. It’s called SIQ (opening) because you literally walk through a narrow opening from two rock formations to go to the Treasury. And again ladies and gentlemen, this is a 1.5 km walk. 

So walk, walk, walk, while the tour guide points out the water system that goes back to Moses’ time. Then occasional stopover to some uber nice rock formations to have your photo taken or to marvel on the beauty of the formations.

That’s the slit, the opening and you can see the facade of the Treasury peeking if you look closer.

And of course the magnificent Treasury! Up until this day, the reason why Treasury was built is still a mystery. Some say it’s a royal tomb, some say it’s a temple. No one can really tell because the inside of the Treasury is EMPTY. Yep, you read it right. EMPTY. BARE. 
But the adventure doesn’t end there…walk a little more (okay, not so little) and you’ll see…

The Roman Amphitheater!

The Royal tombs! 

And oh I don’t want to burst your bubbles but after all that..you take it all in…and prepare to walk back again. Oh, you can ride a horse from the SIQ going to the main entrance (unless you want to pay $45 for a carriage ride with the Bedouins–who by the way look like Jack Sparrow). But you have to walk the 1.5 km from the Treasury to the Siq 🙂 But hey, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! 
And because I brought hard boiled egg with me. 

Got it from the buffet breakfast…teeeheee.