>We were at Podium and the stage at the center of the mall was set up complete with backdrop and chairs for the audience. Peaches ran pulling with her Troy’s Uncle telling him to sit down and watch her. She climbs the stairs to the stage and started singing and dancing on her own tune and then bow. The Uncle claps, she beams with pride. Other relatives were also with us that night and took fancy on sitting and watching her. She comes down to them asks if they want more–the oldies of course squeals with delight and nods, so off she goes to her stage and belts whatever she wants and bows. Stays for a while to hear the clap, smiles and goes down again. About 30x more of these before she got tired and decides she wants a new book.

I can really feel it on my bones that one day I’m going to be a stage Mom. 🙂