One thing I love and hate at the same time with my mom is the way she fails to see the faults of the people around her. It takes her a lot of time before realizing what the person has done. Sometimes its pretty cool but then most of the time it’s annoying. I’ve seen how she deals with people like her employees and customers and most of the time I see her being “used” by most of them and she seems oblivious to the fact. Maybe I’m just too cynical about things? or maybe it was just crystal clear on my end. There was this guy employee my Mom and Tatay had and from day 1 I never liked him, I knew he was bad news.. He was a show off and too “sipsip”. He was new to our town and he spread rumors that he was my brother or something..so people from our town easily trusted him since my parents are pretty well-known as good people so there…he took advantage of that and did stuff I could never forgive. Number of times he was fired but he would always go back crying like a puppy and my parents would always always help him again. But the best thing about this is my Mom would never ever talk ill of a person unless she/he totally deserves it. She’s totally like “Leave her be, anak..” or “Kawawa naman siya..” all the time even if that person is stepping on her toes. She would hear gossip from other people or even from me but she would never comment or would never add fuel to the fire..(boring!). Of course she would react and say something like… “Oh, talaga?”..”Ganun?”…”haaaaaa!!!”.. and that’s it..time to move to another topic…lol. I guess it’s one thing I never learned from her. I learned not to be too trusting. I learned how to gauge a person’s motive. I learned to gossip!!!hahahha… Seriously, although most of the time she annoys me…I still love her for that and I appreciate how she contains herself and not talk bad against the people she knows and more to her family. I wish I could do the same even for a week.lol.