I know it sounds morbid but hear me out first.

Peaches and her nanny were playing on our condo’s playground on the 40th floor. When Peaches saw the elevator door (which is located directly adjacent to the playground’s exit door) open, she ran to it and called on to her nanny. Her nanny must have been to slow because Peaches was able to push the close button and no matter how the nanny pushes the open button the elevator door closed and went down. Peaches rode the elevator alone. Now this is where the most obscene, most morbid, most horrible thoughts flooded me. What if some pervert chanced upon my daughter and lured her on some floor, what if the elevator door was so packed and the guard didn’t notice her and she went outside the building alone, what if some kidnapper was lurking and saw a chance, what if what if what if.

But God is always good and Peaches’ angels were busy protecting her that day. The elevator didn’t stop at any floor, the guard noticed Peaches riding the elevator alone through CCTV and waited for her to come out on the Ground floor. Peaches went to the lobby guard and watched her panic stricken nanny on the CCTV monitor.

Once the nanny was able to ride the elevator, she pushed the buzz button and the guard told her Peaches was there waiting for her. And yes, the nanny got a lengthy lecture from the guard. Now, I don’t want to re told the events when the nanny told me about it once they got home. I didn’t know if I cried in so much fear, guilt and anger.
But that was over, lessons were learned. Peaches even learned to never let go of anyone’s hand when about to ride the elevator, during the ride and when getting off. Maybe showing my emotions were good enough for her to learn her mistakes.

I’m just happy and thankful that nothing scarier happened to her. Good is good! 🙂

So what are the ways to keep our kids safe with elevators (safe and but not scared of elevators)? Here are some of my ideas:

1. It’s always good to explain the dangers of riding an elevator alone. 
2. Be the perfect example, do not use your legs or arms to close, hold or open the elevator doors.
3. Keep young children far from the elevator doors, they might not resist putting their fingers between the closing doors
4. Always ask someone to push the hold button while you and your kid exit the elevator
5. Assist your kid during entrance and exit.
6. And make sure your building’s elevators are armed with CCTV camera. 

Do you have other ideas?