I was awarded Best in Religion during my elementary days. Since I have perfect Mass attendance, I have good conduct and I have high grades on the subject. So here are the things I learned from my teachers: (or the things I could still remember)

1. We only do the sign of the croos as we enter the church to cleanse us from our sins. But as we go out we need not do it again (she jokingly said, we might put our sins back on us) since we were already cleansed.

2. We don’t need to recite the “through Him with Him in the unity…” part with the priest because we don’t have the vested right to do so.

3. That we should refer to the Mass as…CELEBRATING the Mass rather than GOING to the Mass.

4. That we should not do other prayers when a mass is on going. Like for some they do novenas or pray the rosary during the celebration.

5. A mass is not a movie that we could go out any part we want and come back where we left during the next Mass.

6. It’s good to confess our sins often so that when we receive the Holy Communion, we have a cleansed heart for Jesus to dwell.

7. Exorcism is part of a brother’s lesson to priesthood.

8. That when a host fall on the floor for any reason, the priest eats it.

I’ll post some more if I remember something!