Do you believe that we all have third eye? It is said to be located between our brows at the center of the forehead. All of us have this it’s just that most of us have closed third eye. When your third eye is open you are able to see elements that are from different dimensions–depending on how well your third eye is open, you will see both the good and bad ones.

My cousin-in-law, Ate M has an open third eye. So you can just imagine what she sees during my Aunt’s wake. And every night we gather around her and ask her questions. It scares the hell out of us but we do it anyways.

The first night I brought P at the wake, she was gleeful because her Aunts and Uncles were so fond of her but later that night she became fussy and cried. No one can pacify her even me. I tried giving milk and kept her on a quiet room but she just cried harder. Then Ate M came up to me and said, “You should let P wear red shirt when you come here or put some ginger beneathe her shirt, do you believe on those things?” Well, I couldn’t answer because I didn’t know if it’s true or not. But the oldies made P wear red anyway. Turns out our dead Aunt’s soul was playing with P and since my baby thinks a stranger is trying to play with her, she cries. So the nights that followed all babies wore red.

The next day, we were on the wake again and P got tired of playing and asked for milk. I propped her on the bed and gave her milk. She was facing away from me and giggling and said, “Hi!!!” while waving. I got scared so I took her and went out the room. She cried so I asked a cousin to acompany us back at the room. My cousin playfully asked P, “Peaches where is Lola Nanay?” P then pointed at the far end of the room and waved. We took less than 3 seconds to bolt out of the room.
Another instance was when P played peek-a-boo with someone unseen on a window. She hides her face with her hands and says, “baaaah!” looking over my shoulder.

It’s good that P couldn’t utter words yet or else it could have been more scary when she points at no one and calls my Aunt’s name. We’ve had this experience with a baby cousin a long time ago so I don’t want it happening again.