Last night T and I watched this horror flick called HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION. It was a bland little drama at least for me it was. T was screaming! :)) So you can just imagine how he was when we watched THE GRUDGE. lol.

Anyhoo, I received a text from cousin C, she had her final approval from Emirates now. This means she’ll be leaving soon. Maybe too soon like on April 11 or something. I wish that’s enough time for her to prepare her stuff and say her goodbyes to family and friends. I can only guess how hard that is for her. But hey, she’ll be EMBARKING on a far greater opportunity, so CARRY lang!

Remember that link I posted here about Brian Gorelle’s site? He claimed his computer was hacked and that Google wanted to close his blog. Can people really do that? I mean hack your PC? Tsk. That’s scary. It’s like robbers like AKYAT BAHAY GANG but 1000 times high tech!. Demn.
How can Google close such blog when there are FAR MORE explicit and denotative blogs out their!!! Ridiculous. What people would do to keep that facade they had to remain in our ALTA SOCIEDAD. It makes you feel better being ORDINARY and PLAIN. Life is complicated being like this…ORDINARY and PLAIN…but think how it is when you’re on their place. tsk. Life really has a funny way of giving all of us a KICK.