I am finally here in Lourdes, France (after s butt numbing 12hr drive) after a wonderful sojourn at Roma, Italia. it has been a great experience so far, it helped that my travel buddies are as enthusiastic and so groovy to be with. I have met kind souls and new friends, I have experienced things I didn’t think I would in my lifetime.

But now, here I am looking over the river of Lourdes as I write and ponder what has the past days have given me. I am still far from home and for the first time I am happy I am! I am at peace that the people I left at home are happy, well and looking forward for my return. Me, I am still looking forward to better traveling days with the friends I met in this pilgrimage—-if you can call it that.

I wish I could post some photos but I dont have the means to do so anyway, rest assured that I will when I get back! I was told I a have lots of wacky photos so please stay tuned.

Will have loads of fun and photos for you!!!!

For now, au revoir!