>Three years ago, my husband and I held hands as we walked inside Chinese General Hospital’s corridor and up to their labor room. He was carrying all of the bags I packed months ago in preparation for this very important day. We didn’t bother calling anyone yet as we are still pre-occupied with our own thoughts. I remember thinking, this was really it. Our lives will forever change the moment I bring the baby out into the world. We both were nervous but too proud and scared to admit it aloud. I was scared of needles and pains that all I felt was coldness and numbness inside.

Troy approached the nurse at the labor room and I was asked to sit and wait while he filled up some papers. In a short while, I was asked to go inside and leave everything with my husband. We kissed and I left.
When I got out of the operating room some 11 hours later, we were officially proud parents of a bouncing baby girl we both named, Chereena Marize De Jesus Alcantara or Peaches for short.

To this day, Peaches continues to give us complete happiness! She’s our pride and joy. My heart beams with joy when I see her perform on stage. My heart bleeds when I see her fall and get scrapped somewhere. My heart jumps up to my brain (or feels like it!haha) when she does something dangerous. My blood runs dry when she throws her toddler tantrums. But everyday, I wake up to see her grow and become a person of her own.

God creates miracles everyday and my living proof is Peaches.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my babe!