It was a great trip up Long Beach for an educational visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Everyone in my family (young and old) were very happy and satisfied with what we saw and learned from the Aquarium.

We saw all sorts of jelly fishies- from small to HUGE sizes and those that had different colors on it and also those that are plain transparent.






Cute Magellan Penguins are so nice too! My Mom’s so amazed by those over sized fishies too.

After the Aquarium, we had a mile walk to the Shoreline and ate at a nice pizza house at the end of the pier.

You can rent bicycles if you want to really feel the breeze and go up the light house too.

There’s also a free bus ride to Queen Mary and the submarine just right outside the Aquarium. It’ll take you back to where you rode too.

A few minutes drive from the Aquarium is the Battleship IOWA. I suggest that you go early if you want to roam inside the battleship since it closes at 5PM.