Look what I got from the mail today! 

I was so excited! Months ago I signed up at Thomas Nelson to be a blogger book review and I didn’t think they would really consider me! 

This was just in time. Peaches loves to be read and look at pictures so we propped ourselves at her bed and I started to read to her. 

The book is spectacular and more! It is a story about Katie and her Daddy spending a day together. Katie thought of royal balls, jungles and ballets but Daddy gave her the most nothing-in-particular grandest day! It teaches us that Daughter and Daddy time is as important as spending time with Mommy. It makes us realize that simple moments can be the most unforgettable memories. 

The Author’s of the book are Tim McGraw, who is an accomplished country music singer and Tom Douglas, who is also a songwriter and a singer. The pages were illustrated by Julia Denos and the foreword provided by Faith Hill. 

This was a simple yet touching story. Peaches had a blast looking at pictures of the little girl, her dog, ducks and clouds! This was her after:

The book is a good buy! I hope you can go and grab a copy for yourself and your baby! 
Have fun!