In this crazy Philippine Summer weather, taking a bath several times a day is a necessity but for my little girl, she finds it a bit taxing since she has to be interrupted from her play or whatever activity she’s doing. So when a package from Tmart came yesterday, it’s just what we needed! A cool Tmart Water Glow LED 7 Colors Changing Lights Shower Head arrived from the mail and instantly made our shower room fun and interesting. 

I didn’t know shower heads can change the entire vibe of the shower room into something fun and at the same time relaxing too. My little girl is now happy to take her showers- no complains!

This is how it looks when water isn’t turned on yet.

I like that it’s light and looks stylish too.

This is how it looks when the water is turned on


The glow of the lights are really cool even when you turn off your bathroom lights. Plus I like the way the water goes down from the shower head. It’s gentle unlike out previous shower head which kind of make your skin feel a bit prickly when you turn on the water too much.

Over all, I’m happy with the shower head we’ve got from 

Product price is at Php577 plus shipping fees.

Here’s a more detailed specs of the Water Glow LED 7 Colors Changing Lights Shower Head from


  • Ultra – quiet, no batteries and external power supply, it will illuminate after inducing the water, the principle – flow generation
  • LED color changes automatically
  • Each shower process a wonderful experience
  • Safe use without batteries
  • Fits all standard connectors
  • Easy Installation — super easy!


Case Material ABS
LED Quantity 9 LED
LED Emitting Color 7 colors gradually changing
Facial Treatment Metal color plated
Working Pressure 0.1MPA~0.6MPA
Flow 8 L (0.6MPA)
Overall Maximum Size 217 x 30 x 90mm