Dear Parents of the boy who bullied my girls,

My girls are 8 and 1 year old, and your boy’s about 8 or older. I think he should know better than bully a 1 year old.

Your son grabbed my 1yo’s hair and refused to let go which made my baby wail in pain. Our yaya had to hit your son’s hands so he would let go. (YES HANDS! He grabbed her with both hands).

Then your son turned to my 8yo and grabbed her eyeglasses, poking her eye in the process. He didn’t stop there as he assaulted her by grabbing her hair too.

Where was your yaya, you might ask? Apparently, she just stood there and watched the whole spectacle and allowed my yaya to defend my girls. Your yaya didn’t even take your son away from my girls.

Oh and the worst part, your son grabbed both of my girls’ hairs after the first incident. So imagine my yaya’s rage and my girls’ fears.

I only found about the incident when I came back for them after their playtime hour is over. I called out your yaya and she got a mouthful from me. In fairness, to her she was very apologetic and scared when my Mama powers kicked in. But what can a yaya do?

It’s your responsibility to correct your child and teach him good manners. Address your child’s aggressive behavior early on. There’s no reason to wait. Extend that responsibility to your yaya as well.

To give you the benefit of the doubt, I waited for you to arrive at the playground BUT you were taking too long and the girls are already scared so I decided to leave.

I hope that you address this and correct your child…for your sake and his. AND by then you have helped this community thrive by putting out a good son who won’t assault girls or God what knows when he’s older.