>How rich I am!

1. I am rich of mornings filled with cheerful greeting “Good Morning, Girls!” “How’s your sleep?” and “Breakfast is ready!” followed by morning hugs and kisses.

2. I am rich of drawers full of sweet notes and letters from my husband. Compensating the times when we were too busy to talk.

3. I am rich of healthy and happy husband and daughter.

4. I am rich of moments with my daughter.

5. I am rich of nights when hubbie and I had to whisper because Peaches might wake up while we talk about the future, reminisce the past, and laugh at our bloopers.

6. I am rich of parents who supports me no matter what. Never looked down on me, and was never disappointed no matter what I became/become.

7. I am rich of laughters and happy memories that would last a lifetime.

8. I am rich because I have someone who loves me for what I am no matter how I looked. Someone who never forgets to hold my hand while the other hand is carrying his heavy daughter. Someone who walks on the danger side of the road with me. Someone who works hard to give me and his daughter a better future.

I am rich and so much more…