How do you discipline your toddler? Toddler Discipline is a very challenging issue for parents. It involves a lot of patience combined with the right strategies in order to be effective. Toddlers usually show behaviors that seem to be troubled temper tantrums. You probably experienced a toddler screaming, crying, throwing things at you and other negative acts. These actions are actually part of a toddler’s normal development process. Most of the time, toddlers can’t express their feelings so to get your attention they throw tantrums. A challenge for you as a parent is to deal with the toddler’s action as rational as possible and help them identify with the emotions they feel.

When a toddler starts doing things that can get in your nerves, the first thing you can do is to remind yourself not to yell at your toddlers. For most parents, they see yelling as the right way to discipline a toddler and they expect that their orders will be followed right away.

Unfortunately, most of the time, toddlers respond negatively when yelled at. Most probably they will scream or cry even more. The frustrated parent in return will be raising their voices again hoping their yelling will stop the tantrums. Remember that the more the parent yells, the more the toddler will not listen. Even worse, the toddler might grow up thinking that it is normal for their parents to yell at their children or people to yell at each other. 

Yelling or raising your voice at your toddler is not effective. The important thing for parents to master is to be calm at all times and to check their emotions when toddlers throw temper tantrums. Toddler discipline is very challenging but in time, you’ll be able to master it and find positive discipline that works for you and for your child.