The weather is bad— so bad that Peaches has cough for a week now and last night it got worse when she started to have low grade fever. I excused her from school today to rest. We also decided to bring her to the Pedia to have cough medication prescribed for her because her cough was worsening.

Half of the kids at the doctor’s clinic today had cough, fever or both. After a through chest and throat check up,  the pedia gave her Amoxicillin, Ambroxol and Paracetamol (if the fever strikes 37.8 and above). Peaches also started losing her appetite since yesterday which alarmed me because I don’t like giving her medications unless she ate something.

The doctor said it’s okay that she lost her appetite (the pedia’s own words were: “Let her be, she’s fat enough”)  and that it’s part of the symptoms of her worsening cough.
She was prescribed to take the medication for a week and she needs to be out of school for 2 days just to be safe.

I barely slept last night because Peaches wakes  up every time she coughs and tonight I think she’s going to have a rough one again—and alas, me too.

It’s really sad when kids get sick. If only I can take all her sickness from her. Oh well, I hope she gets well soon or else I’m going to be a zombie mom for days.

Oh and yes, I still had the guts (and energy) to do major tasks today at work but as of writing, I’m really beat.
Ah, the joys of motherhood.