>Toddler Teeth and the Promise of Less Sleep


Have you taken your toddler to a dentist? Peaches is 2.5 years old and she’s seen a dentist 3 times but nothing major happened. The first time was just checking if all teeth are coming out normally. The second time (a different dentist), we were refused by the dentist and told me Peaches is too young. The third time (our current dentist), he let Peaches play with the instruments and the chair to build rapport and encourage us to bring Peaches for a quick visit every so often.

I worry about Peaches’ teeth because I see yellowing on some parts of her teeth. The dentist told me it’s because she bottle feeds even during the night. We brush Peaches’ teeth at least 2x a day and I stopped using baby toothpaste (Pigeon) and switched to Colgate Kids which I think works better. I was also advised to clean Peaches’ teeth with a gauze after every bottle feed at night. But seriously, I don’t do it. I’m too sleepy and tired! Meaning I had to wait for her to finish the bottle and clean her up? That would be an hour less of sleep per bottle and Peaches drinks 2-3 bottles per night (while sleeping) which equates to 3 hours less from my 6 hour-sleep?! Oh my.

I tried giving her water instead of milk but she still looks for the milk after realizing it’s water I gave.

What to do?

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  1. Tetcha says:

    >My son is so afraid of dentists. I'll have to wait and see if he has overcome that fear already when we have our dental prophylaxis this coming June 19.

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