>Toddler’s Well check up

>Honestly, it’s been a year since I brought Peaches to her Pedia. I did brought her to ER once when her sore throat was bad to check if it was viral or bacterial…turned out viral so there was nothing to do but keep her comfortable. As I was saying, there has been no reason to bring Peaches to her Pedia so I didn’t.

Now, I’m a bit scared on her upcoming well check up since I wouldn’t know what Peaches’ reaction will be and ultimately, I don’t want to be judged by the Pedia. (Well if he does, I’ll dump him and look for a new one) 

Peaches is growing up well but I sincerely think that once in a while a professional opinion does help. So tomorrow we are trooping to her Pedia’s clinic for a toddler well check up.

Or maybe I should just wait for Troy to return.
Fickle minded! We’ll see…

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  1. Tetcha says:

    >Really? It's been a year since Peaches' last pedia visit? Last year, I think, we went to Justin's pedia almost every month. I'm a paranoid mom kasi. For the slightest sign of fever, I go to the doctor right away. Good luck on Peaches' wellness checkup.

  2. Renz says:

    >Yep. My Pedia did tell me that fever below 39.9 is still okay since it is the normal reaction of our body to toxins, virus and bacteria. And if Paracetamol can still control the fever then, we are okay. I really didn't have serious reason to bring her to a Pedia so I simply didn't. 🙂 If there was anything, I either called the Pedia or consult Google. tee hee.

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