Are you using this blue toilet drop ins? My husband and I are obsessed on a clean bathroom so it’s a must for us to use this thing- or so we thought. 

I tried using the one from 88 store and one from Toilet Duck. The product from the 88 store is way cheaper than Toilet Duck’s version but you get what you paid for and it’s not worth it. 
It’s supposed to eliminate the odor and clean the toilet bowl but all it do is color the water blue that when left  unflushed for too long, the blue thing clumps and stains the bowl.

The toilet duck version gets the job done but of course it’s pricey. Especially if you have a two-year old daughter who loves to pretend she peed so she can flush it. 
So my verdict, Toilet Duck drop ins gets the Mommy Award and a BOO! to the 88 rip off.