In my previous post I introduced Studio Ghibli and the films they created. On this post is my next top 5 Ghibli film favorites. We own copies of all these films because Peaches wants to watch it several times. This month, Disney Channel is showing Ghibli films every Saturday and I hope you’re able to catch them (I just realized there’s one Saturday left).

Here goes my favorite Ghibli Films of all time:

6. Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Laputa, Castle in the Sky Ghibli Film

Description: Set in an alternate Victorian era full of sky pirates and steam-powered war machines. Relating the tale of two youngsters and their attempts to find the mythical flying castle of the Sky (Laputa) -actually a gigantic, Eden-like island where nature and technology exist side-by-side, Castle In The Sky contains some stunning character and mechanical designs, not least the ethereal, faintly tragic robots that guard Laputa itself.

It is interesting to know that Miyazaki didn’t know that Laputa in Spanish is whore that’s why they came up with the English title, Castle in the Sky.

7. Ponyo


Description: This film was said to be Miyazaki’s adaptation to  Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid. Ponyo is a fish-girl daughter of a human and the Goddess of Mercy who live under the Sea but Ponyo wanted to see the world above and escaped her father’s care. Ponyo met a little boy whom she fell in love with and the two set off in a journey that changed their lives and the people around them.

8. Porco Rosso

Porco Rosso

Description: The film is set in 1930s in Italy where fighter planes, pilots and pirates are the main characters. Porco Rosso is a hired assassin who was cursed with a pig’s head. The story starts a bit dragging but will unfold with a nice plot as it goes along. Not great for kids though because of so much fighting and guns involved.

9. Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies

Description: This film is so worth watching many times (and yes even with your kid). It will pinch your heart with it’s plot and will shake your existence. My husband’s comment all throughout the film was, “I feel like crying!” , that ladies and gents is coming from a guy who is never easily swayed by movies or movie plots. After watching the film, his comment was “It made me not want to see you or Peaches go hungry ever again”. Go and watch. now. You can search it on Youtube and watch the whole English dubbed from there.

10. KiKi’s Delivery Service

KiKi's Delivery Service

Description: Film about a young witch setting off on a journey by herself to become the town’s witch. Light and fun to watch with your kids!