On top of my work today, I was doing an errand for my parents. Their former employee SMSed me and was asking for financial help. He was in jail because of his gambling debts. He said that his wife and two children are suffering because he was the sole income generator in their family and there was nothing left to feed the children.

I should tell you that this particular former employee, I despise so much. First, he appeared from nowhere and begged my parents to give him a job and when they did, he stole from them. He cried and begged for a second chance and was again accepted with open arms. He spread rumors that he was my father’s first son and people from our town actually believed he was my brother! He became so lazy that my parents would wake up before him and would always be forgiven. At one point, he left without a word and went to work for someone else. When that didn’t go right, he went back to my parents and asked for another job, of course he was then accepted. These were just a few of the nasty things he did, most of it I forgot because I didn’t want to meddle with my parents’ decisions. But the final blow was when he lured my father into something that ruined my family. Until this very day, I have not forgiven him.

This is not the first time that he begged for financial support. In fact it could be his gazillion time. He’s in jail for a reason. It’s too bad that his children were affected by his actions but I think he brought this unto himself and his family. Before my parents left for the States, he was given a hefty amount to start over. He and his family were even permitted to live on a land that my parents left. Turns out, he squandered the money and was back to nothing.

I think my family has given him so much in exchange of NOTHING. And through all that I stayed quiet. Today, I think what my parents had given him were more than enough. It was just sad that he thought my parents would be there for him ALWAYS. He forgot that my parents have a daughter whom he scarred deeply and now finally showing her wrath. It’s too bad for him he didn’t know my parents ALWAYS, ALWAYS listen to me.

And so I finally say, enough. TOUGH LUCK.

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  1. Renz says:

    >^True. If it was about something else I could have forgotten about it but when you’re family is involved..it’s a different story.

  2. Gem says:

    >You know of the story of the "boy who cried wolf?" Unbelievable unfortunate stroke of bad luck! I would not actually believe his excuse!Or maybe his last excuse is true. Anyway it's his gazillion time.Everyone has his/her own problems, but we turn to find ways of solving them. Now this guy comes along and asks for some help? Why could he find out ways!

  3. Cashmere says:

    >What a jerk!My advise is… don't keep feeding him everytime he asks for it. By giving in to him, you're feeding his habits. He'll never stop if you keep helping him. No matter what and since nothing hellped, he must learn his lesson the hard way. Since his wife and child are in need, you shoulld prolly provide shelter or food, etc… for them and their needs. DO NOT give to the guy..Just my opinion and advise that you can choose to ignore.. 🙂

  4. Renz says:

    >@Gem: Correct he should find ways other than asking for our help for the gazzillion times. Besides, why would he even think of gambling when he knew it was too risky. @CashmereLike the saying, teach him how to fish instead of giving him fish to eat. Actually his family lives in the land that my parents left for them to take care.

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