>Do you have any? Well let me share mine. 

T’s family do not practice ‘pagmamano’ as their way of blessing. Instead they kiss cheek to cheek. So you can only imagine the shock my father in law (FIL) had when he met my cousin C. She did our usual ‘mano’ as it came naturally for us to bless anyone older than us. It’s our way of showing respect. We even bless our friends’ parents, or our parents’ friends. 
Anyhoo, T likes the idea of ‘pagmamano’ and he sees it as a good way of teaching a child to respect the elders. So, we taught Peaches how to bless. Although she only takes the hand of the people she ‘feels’ like blessing other than me and T. I hope she learns to bless anyone soon!

Next is eating dinner together. My parents would leave whatever they are doing so we could all eat together (with all our stay-in helpers). They said it was the only time all of us could sit together and talk about the day that we had. It was only on rare occassions that my parents and I would eat on our dining room. Most of the time we eat at our old house’s dirty kitchen where a long table was made exactly for this purpose.
And when Peaches grows up, I want her to learn the value of eating together as a family. And feeling the bond that no matter what you’ve been through the day, it’s your family who will see you through it. 

As much as we can afford I want my family to travel together. Learn and explore the world together. I believe that in traveling you learn things that teachers at school can’t teach you.

Well that’s my top 3! 🙂

I hope you could share yours!