August- September is usually the time when Kinder schools open their applications for the next school year. I looked around, asked around and called some of the schools I short listed since we’re planning to transfer Peaches for 3 reasons. I would not want to be specific on what school she’s enrolled now but here are the reasons:

1. Incident #1 happened a few weeks after the first day of school. Peaches couldn’t find her lunchbox during recess (they have this cubby hole outside each rooms where they place their bags and lunchboxes) and told her teacher about it. The teachers (adviser & teacher aide)  looked at the cubby hole and confirmed it was not there. What did they do? NOTHING. My daughter would never had eaten if not for a friend who shared her baon.

During dismissal, our care taker called up saying Peaches’ lunchbox is nowhere to be found. I told her to find it together with the teacher. So to make it short, the teacher aide mistook Peaches for a Grade 1 student and placed her lunchbox there instead of the Kinder 1’s cubby hole. THEY NEVER BOTHERED LOOKING FOR IT DURING RECESS.

I had to be the one to call the teacher and ask how it happened and hear her explanation. I was expecting she’d give me a call or write a letter on our memo notebook but there was none.

2. Incident #2- Peaches complained of a pain in her head while taking a shower. When I touched it, there was a huge bump. With gentle probing, I found out that she got pushed and slid on the floor hitting the back of her head. This all happened in front of a “Manang” who takes care of the girls inside the rest room. She was brought to her adviser and because Peaches told her adviser she’s okay, SHE WAS NEVER BROUGHT TO THE CLINIC FOR PROPER CHECK UP. And worst, we were never informed of the incident. If Peaches didn’t feel the pain on her head, I wouldn’t have known. What if she was not OK and was suffering from a bad concussion? UGH.

OH and did the adviser say SORRY? NO. She even said SHE WAS NOT THERE AND SHE DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT.

Don’t you think these are things that parents should be informed of?

3. On the first 2 months of school, I’ve got feedback from the adviser that Peaches is inattentive and always talking with her seatmate. There was a time when the teacher told us Peaches got 4 warnings because she was not paying attention. I kept on telling them that their activities and lessons are boring Peaches because she already did these during her Preschool/Nursery years. But because of her age, the would not let her pass for K2 so what they did was give Peaches separate activities and “experiments”.

3 strikes in a span of 3 months! I wish it stops there.

Now having said all that, I hope you understand where I am coming from. The tuition we pay on this prestigious school is large enough to expect more than being treated like this. What I feel is that the adviser and her aid treat other parents better just because they wear designer clothes and jewelries during meetings and conferences. My husband and I wear t-shirts and jeans.

I have not talked with the administrators other than the adviser yet.


There are two Kinder schools we’re very interested to visit:

Immaculate Conception Academy  (ICA)  

Application for Kinder is until Sept. 29, 2012

Tuition is around 75k Call 7237041 loc. 225

ICA recommended that Peaches be enrolled on Grade 1 next year. We just need to provide letter of recommendation from her previous schools.


Miriam College

Application is on going

Tutition is at 90k


We’re leaning more on ICA because we’ve heard so many good reviews about them. We will have a school tour soon and so that we can bring Peaches for assessment. What are your Kinder school recommendations?