I love to travel to places I have never been to and to even travel back to places I’ve been a dozen times. But my recent out of the country trip woke me up on the hard fact that Peaches does not understand the meaning of traveling. For her it’s getting left behind and it pains me to see her crying when I kiss her goodbye. It’s hard to enjoy your travels when you know your daughter is sad back home.


She was sad that Troy had to buy her any toy she fancies (she got herself a Minnie Mouse stuff toy) but I was told that after a few days of being sad, she bounced back to being a happy kid again. Still the thought of her being sad and what could have been running through her cute little brain on those times? Will it be a positive or a negative effect in the future?

When I got back from the trip, Peaches could not get enough of me. She holds my hand anywhere we go and she looks at longer than she normally does. She talks about us riding on an airplane together and she asks if I will leave again. Poor baby.

I guess it was hard for her because she was so used to having me around. Her Dad’s leaving on Monday for a European trip and I’m hoping she will cope well this time 🙂

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How about you what have you been doing these past few days?