Hubbie’s family are the true blooded travel agents, I am just a mere bubble gum that got stuck to their shoes that’s why I got to be with them wherever they go. But as little as I know, I get a clear picture on how a tourist should act. Let me give you some of my personal experiences:

1. Your travel agent isn’t necessarily your tour guide. Most likely, your travel agent will let an escort join your group who will serve as the TEAM CAPTAIN. He/She will be the contact person of the group. In every destination, your agent prolly hired tourist guides from their satellite agency (in that country). 

2. When you have trouble with the Immigration, your agent cannot help you eventhough how loud you cry for help. It’s just way out of their jurisdiction.

3. If you are buying a ticket, make sure you already have  a visa for that destination. 

4. You do not ask your group escort to carry your luggages for you. If you can’t carry it yourself, then might as well leave it behind.

5. It’s an etiquette to give a tip on your tour guide. Most tour packages do not include tips on their costing. So better inquire about this.

6. Keep your passports in a safe place. Losing it while traveling as a group is a big hassle.

7. Follow what’s in the itinerary. It’s okay to add destinations but do not cut it short. Specially if you’re traveling with a group. 

8. If you’re traveling with older people, make sure the destiations are old-people friendly. 

9. In traveling most often than not, you get what you paid for.

10. Lastly, travel agents appreciate any feedback you have for them. That way, they can improve their services.