At the time I was pregnant two of my cousins were pregnant as well. Although we live far from each other, we try to constantly exchange Mommy tips and as well as growing up pics of our daughters (yeap all three of us bore beautiful daughters, all via CS). Now that all kids are a year old, we were excited to see how the three cousins would react when they see each other. Ate T will come home from the US this year and we would take the opportunity to visit our relatives at the province as well.

Here are the three kids according to age…

Was born December 4, 2007
Her Mom’s my cousin, Ate T

Was born December 26, 2007
I’m the proud MOmma
Was born February 9, 2008
Her mom’s my cousin, Ate A

I can’t wait for August to come! 🙂

I know, I know all three are adorable! That’s because all three Moms are equally pretty! 🙂