Late this week, my tennis coach and trainer succumb to Liver Cancer. Before I knew he had it, our paths drifted apart because Coach pushed away people who cared about him. I would like to think this is because he didn’t want pity or become a burden to anyone.








Kuya Ingo, my coach, has been my Tennis trainer since I can remember. He was also my Tatay’s trainer until Tatay played well. I too played well and became my school’s top Tennis player from Grade School until I graduated in High School, thanks to Kuya Ingo. My Tatay and I breathed and ate tennis that we asked Kuya Ingo to live with us so that we can all wake up at dawn and head out for training. It was all happy times. I remember us cramped on my Tatay’s pick-up truck heading somewhere to play and win a tennis tournament and talking about strategy and what I need to improve on.

He was there when I tasted my first defeat and he was there when I whooped my first win. He was there when I felt I was facing a wall because I couldn’t get my serve well. And he was there when I finally set my tennis racket aside and left for College. Later I learned that he left our house when I left for College because there’s no one to train now since my Tatay’s playing pretty well and has constant groups he play with. Looking back, I feel that I’ve let him down. Now, that I’ve lost my shine and neglected what was supposed to be a great gift for me.

It’s truly a day to mourn. Tomorrow his family and friends will lay his remains, though I won’t be with them. I hope he knows he was loved.

Kuys, thanks for everything. Give the people in heaven one heck of a top spin for me 🙂