>Peaches was Dora the Explorer at her school’s Halloween Party. There was no available princess dress that would fit her (we shopped for costumes a tad late) and all the others are uncomfortable to wear. What we did was looked for Dora look a like shirt and shorts then yellow socks. It came out well. People identified her as Dora–teehee.

The kids in school performed 2 songs for the parents and they were all so cute and funny. Parents are all so proud of their kids, including me of course. After the show, the trick or treating began. The kids went out to their usual Trick or Treat route which is East West bank then NU 107 then back to school for more trick or treating.

This year’s trick or treat was more organized and more fun because I think there were more students this year than last year’s. And there was no Halloween show last year. Peaches and her classmates had so much fun and went home with a heavy Halloween bag!

All those sweet goodies! I hope none of them gets sore throat or bad tooth. I’m also glad that all the candies were age appropriate (meaning NO bubble gums and NO super hard candies). One parent even baked Halloween cookies for the kids and it was superb! Peaches ate the entire cookie — which accounts to the lack of photo to show you how nice the cookie was.

Happy Halloween!