Hey everyone, sorry for intermittent blogging hiatus.

Our days are crazy for the next two months as we are traveling around the West Coast and probably soon the East Coast too.

We used Air China Airline for our Los Angeles trip simply because they’re the cheapest airline during the time we purchased the ticket. It was cheap so we were not expecting stellar service from them. Anyway, the service was fine and the food was okay and we did get what we paid for and I meant it not in a bad way.

Our flight was MNL- Beijing-LA and on the first leg, the plane was small and we were thankful it was just a 4 hour flight. We had an hour and a half lay over at Beijing just enough time to run to the transfer desks for immigration clearance and grab a quick lunch.

The Beijing- Los Angeles trip was 12 hours and thankfully the little girl just slept most of the time. The flight and crew were fine (the crew though could smile more often) and we had an individual entertainment TV and I spent most of the time watching and snoozing.

Upon arrival at LAX, the immigration clearance was a breeze contrary to the posts I read from Tripadvisor. The Immigration Officer was friendly (though looks so bored) and asked us some basic question like: :“What are you going to do in the US? ” 

We were given 6 months of stay. Cool, huh?

Next was the Customs and it was a breeze too. We were just asked how much money we had and how long we are staying. Our luggage were not opened and scanned.

Peaches was so happy to meet my parents and we were off to our first buffet at La Puente Hills, SAKA seafood buffet. Dinner was In and Out.

Sorry again for the lack of photos since WordPress seem to dislike me adding them for now.