>We usually do our bi-weekly grocery at SM Megamall or any SM Hypermarts because they have wide aisles and I’m frugal so I use SM bonus products or any promos that they have (plus, sayang ang points!). Today was different though, Troy was too tired to drive and our stocks are running low so we decided to shop at Robinson’s Galleria for convenience’s sake. We detest Robinson supermarkets because they have higher prices than SM plus the aisles are narrow.

We pay through BDO’s debit card because we specifically put there our bi-weekly budget. The cashier swiped the ATM then told us it was OFFLINE. Troy asked if there was a way of telling before hand and the cashier said no. The lady went to another cashier and swiped the ATM on another machine, still declined. The supervisor came and re checked the machine, she told Troy there was an announcement that Debit cards are offline—which isn’t true at all. If it was I would have heard. I pay attention to those announcements.
Anyway, I said I have cash and could just pay for the amount but Troy insisted we stick to our budget plan. He hurried to the ATM machine and did a balance inquiry— lo and behold! The amount was debited–twice! Troy was really furious by this time. When he got back, his voice could be heard from cashier 24 to cashier 1— I was sure everyone heard him.

The manager was called and later on found out that the cashier swiped the debit card to the credit card swiper. So 1 hour and 30 mins after, Troy is still at Robinson’s waiting for the credit card company (Metrobank) reverse the amount…back to our BDO account.

In the end, we had to pay for the amount AGAIN because the reversal from Metrobank to BDO would take 5-8 days. Such a pain in the arse!