I got up early today, eager to start my new age. The day’s okay not so grand but not ordinary as well. There were people I didn’t expect to greet me but they did anyway. My computer even ‘healed’ itself and decided to grant me a ‘sound’ for my birhtday (it has been mute for days).

Because it’s my birthday I will let you in on some facts about myself:

– I’m loud but not obnoxious, maybe because I laugh my heart out every time.
– I can easily change my mood.
– I’m easy to please.
-I’m frugal.
– I try to be punctual but it’s getting harder each time (for so many reasons)
– I am a daydreamer
– I am friendly. I might come a bit intimidating and snobbish but really I’m not.
– I hate humid weather, it gets me irritated
– I am star struck
– I love Durian. No, I adore Durian. No, I revel anything Durian…
– I am emotional.
– I am a cry baby. I cry on CSI episodes, on House episodes
– I love simplicity
– I am low maintainance

Being 26 is a whole new journey for me to take on but I’m ready come what may. I have my God, my family and friends, what more can I ask?