Last month, we got our Baby Vision baby monitor camera and we were so excited to use it. We wanted to have one in Peaches’ room to help her sleep better at night, knowing that we can see her from our room.

My husband and I often travel alone and we always wanted a way to see what’s happening in our household when we’re away. Baby vision baby monitor is a perfect way to solve that.

First, let me show you how simple it was to install our baby monitor from Baby Vision.


This little girl is excited to unbox her baby monitor!


Read the manual that’s conveniently placed in the box’s flap.


Next, I made sure all the content inside the box is complete by cross checking what’s in the instructions.


a. baby monitor camera

b. LAN cable

c. Adapter

d. wall mount

e. CD for PC installation

f. wifi antennae

g. wifi-receiver (the green thing)

h. not pictured above is a leaflet with information on how to set up your apps— Thanks to Peanut and Ted for taking the leaflet! 

1. All you have to do is connect the adapter to the baby camera and PLUG it. Put the wi-fi antennae in place.

2. Connect the LAN cable to the camera unit and your wi-fi router/modem (make sure Internet is working!) and put the wifi-receiver in place. (look at the photo below, it’s the green thing plugged between the antennae and power adapter.)


3. Let it initialize for a few minutes, it won’t take long. You’ll know it’s done because the green light is steady.


5. Install apps on your gadgets –  Android and Windows. I tried installing an app on my iPad but I couldn’t find a decent app that works well. But our Android phones and tablet had a nice working app on it. It’s called P2Pcam264 application.

You’ll find the Username, password and a unique code information in the leaflet that came with the box.

6. Install the software on your desktop. This is easier since you have the CD installer and the password information from the leaflet.


The desktop software looks like this when you want to view or monitor


Sorry I couldn’t post the live video stream since I didn’t want to divulge much for security reasons.

But we’re really happy with our Baby Vision baby monitor. It has served its purpose well (and more!). It’s like a spy cam (only it’s bigger) so I’d know what the helpers are doing when we’re not around. We can even hear their conversations.

Peaches has been loving it, she often write cute notes on a bond paper and flashes it on the monitor for me to see. LOL.

The night vision was a great feature too. I love watching her sleep and kick her comforter at night. I love watching her while playing with her ate (oh and I can see when the ate isn’t paying attention to her and keeps on texting!). I love manipulating the camera from my app and it pans to whatever direction I want it to go!

We have nothing but praises in this baby camera! Great tool to keep our peace of mind when we’re away from home.

Where can I buy Baby Vision baby monitor?

Experience the monitor first hand from the following stores:





Or you can order online through these online portals:


Babies and Toddlers


Chubby cheeks

You can also go directly to their online store at Baby Vision 

Your child’s safety always comes first, Baby Vision baby monitor can provide you ways to keep your kids and babies safe.