>One problematic area for ladies in terms of unwanted hairs are the armpits!  I had my underarm waxed at Let’s Face It Robinson’s Galleria a couple of days ago and I had a nice experience.

I was ushered to a private room and it’s clean. I was asked to lie down and relax a bit while the attendant prepares the wax. They’re using this purple-y hot wax (I was told that they also have orange-y hot wax) which I like because it felt good on the (armpit’s) skin. The attendant had to pluck the remaining small unwanted hairs because it’s too small, the wax can’t uproot it.

Is it painful to undergo underarm waxing? No, not at all especially if you’re used to plucking. In fact, I find eyebrow threading more painful than underarm waxing or threading.

What I really dread with waxing is waiting for the underarm hair to grow to have another wax done.
But overall, it’s very convenient.

Underam wax at Let’s Face It costs P250 same as Underarm threading. For male underarms, waxing costs P270 🙂

Let’s Face It is a one stop beauty shop. They offer all kinds of beautifying service such as facial treatments and masks, micro dermabrasions, tattoo services, dermatology services, hand and foot services, body treatments/scrubs and massages and cosmetic surgery services too.

Contact them for more information and further inquiries at 687-7710

Please note that I have not yet tried the rest of their services nor tried the rest of their branches.