WorkersWorking in an office, hospital, construction site or in any environment can place you in a hazardous situation. It’s good to know your rights when undesirable accidents happen at your workplace. Primarily, it’s your employer’s duty to keep you and your colleagues safe, protected and informed about health and work related issues that concern you. Most importantly, the employer has the legal obligation to report accidents that has happened on the workplace. A record of any accident in the work place is also a must for every company. It provides vital information to prevent the same accidents from happening again in the future. If you’re company isn’t keeping an accident book, that should give you a red flag.

When choosing to work for certain companies, you should first know the details on its health and accident insurance this way you have a clearer view on the risks you’re going to take while working for them.

What are possible accidents that can happen at work?

accident at work

As there are different types of workplace, there are also different scenarios where accidents happen. Few of them are as follows:


1. Unsafe work premises

Work places are unsafe when employers are negligent in their precautions such as when workers slip on the floor because of a wet floor due to leaks that could have been fixed if only the management paid attention.


2. Accidents due to lack of proper training and information

It’s the employer’s responsibility to inform workers of any issues that are related to their job. If a laboratory technician is assigned to handle infectious specimen, the management should ensure that the lab technician is well trained and capable for such tasks by providing training and certification if necessary.


So what happens when you have an accident at work?

Make sure that the accident has been recorded and reported. It’s easy to make claims when all are written and documented. Next is to assess the situation and see if it was because of the company’s lack of necessary precautions that caused your accident and if it is, you have the right to claim for accident compensation.  There is however legalities involved in this situation especially if your employer denies your right to claim any compensation. The best thing to do when faced with this legal issue is to consult with professionals that can help you get what is due to you.  Speak with any of the legal officers at First4lawyers so your case will be assessed, explained and defended well.

Accidents can be prevented when employees are informed, protected and well taken care of but when you find yourself in a sticky situation, know that accident at work claims from first4lawyers will help you straighten things out and closer to getting what you deserve.

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