Yay! Saw this bar from another development org. I was quite pleased that even human development organizations are aiming for their websites to be easy to use and friendly. I wonder if this site is using a Web To Print Software.

I like their idea of “scavenger hunt” too.
Zings the brain to participate because it is in game form. 
Yes, I was quite surprised because all these years I have associated web usability with stores. I have forgotten that even non-profits and development orgs have important roles in handing out information, so their websites have to be usable too.
It is easy to get buried under a ton of bundled information in books and tables when all you need is, say, GDP for a country for only 1990-1995.  Yet the data you can download are GDP for all countries for every year in the century.  Tough.
I am impressed with this site’s idea of using the “scavenger hunt” style to check how people can easily surf around for information.  Loveht.


Guest Post by a superstar writer and friend, Kat Olivares.