A year ago, Virginia Tech’s campus
was shook by a mass shooting of one of
its student,Seung-Hui Cho, who left 32 people killed
including the shooter himself.
This could be one if not is the worst
mass shooting in US history.

There were those who survived the shooting.
There were those who lost a child.
There were those who lost a parent.
There were those who lost a husband or a wife.
There were those who lost a friend.
There were those who lost a brother or a sister.
And there were those who lost the
will to live.
And others who gained wisdom to live more.

I read that there was an Engineering Professor, Liviu Librescu,
who died trying to hold the classroom door
to let his students escape through
the classroom windows.
This is just one of the many heroic stories I read
from the tragedy. It melts my heart knowing
how heroic acts happen on
such gruesome situation.

What saddened me is that, even after the tragic incident,
the state made LITTLE changes on their gun control laws.
I can only hope they learned their lessons.
And pray that this does not happen here in
our country where gun control law is much much lax.

Also it’s worth saying that most of these violent crimes are
committed by mentally ill individuals. That’s why psychological tests are
done on pre-employment, and on some colleges and universities. Although I’d say,
most of it are for “formality’s sake” and no one’s really paying
attention about it.

It makes me think what kind of a world my child will live in when she’s 20-something.