I had never been surprised as a girlfriend or as a wife on a Valentine’s Day. But with my friends I had two surprises. First was in highschool where ALL of my highschool barkada (girlfriends) gave me a surprise visit at our home eventhough it was a school night. They bought with them balloons, cakes and flowers. My mom knew they were coming, so she prepared food for them. That was so much fun! 
Second was on my 18th birthday. My YFC friends knew I didn’t want to celebrate it and asked my parents for a cash gift instead. So my friends and our college chaplain organized a mini debut party for me. They even bought an outfit for me (they knew I wouldn’t buy one). And I had the usual 18 roses, candles, etc. It was actually fun and emotional because everyone had something to say and (of course) I would cry. 

And that’s about it that’s why I cherish those moments because it’s hard to keep secrets from me. I always sense upcoming surprises (party pooper, yeah). I don’t know how or why,  but I always end up ruining it. 

How about you? I hope you have better stories than mine.lol. 

(To Ate Apette: That’s why I’m too pushy knowing what’s coming..what’s the gift..what’s the hidden news…what’s the secret..blah blah. lol)