Just a thought

What are you afraid of?

– Dying without doing anything significant for my life or for others.

Do big boys cry? What about the saying: Big Boys Don’t Cry?

– Totally B.S. We do cry, we are crying when we yell profanities while losing in a game of baskeball, we are crying when we want to really get drunk because of a problem. It’s not an actual crying with tears. We just channel it somewhere.

Do you believe in destiny? Explain.

– If I try to explain whether I believe it or not it I would be like a babbling fool or a pretentious philosopher. Let me say this cliché’: Destiny is what you made it.

Would you marry someone who’s from a different religion?

– Sure, as long as the she is also as open to it as I am. I will not ever try to change her beliefs and I expect that she will do the same.

Do you watch telenovelas and koreanovelas?

– Generally no. But there’s a funny Koreanovela right now on TV called “3 Daddy and One Mommy” Whenever I catch it it cracks me up. That’s a good series. So as long as its good to my taste then I’ll watch it.

What are your vices?

– Smoking and Hobbies.

Do you think you are goodlooking?

– I’m not bad.


What’s your message to anyone who reads this?

– Single men in the Philippines are always stereotyped either as being irresponsible or gay. The truth is most married men are irresponsible and a good portion of them are in fact closet gay. My point is just respect everyone’s choice of being single and having the life they want with options they can choose.

Many thanks to the great man Veejay!!!

Just so you know, the thing I’m holding is my guestbook during my wedding day and Veejay drew those using a simple marker. Cute noh?

And oh, he also drew my fairy and knight characters at my header. That was his version of me and Troy.