>Our First ever Man of the Moment was so busy it was only tonight that I got hold of him.
Here’s a pending question for the Man, Veejay:

question: bakit pag nag text ka sa lalaki at ang text msg mo ay higit sa 2 ang tanong, bakit laging yong last question lang ang laging sinasagot?

Veejay: hirap nito ah…teka im enjoying trying to explain this. GREAT question BTW! (Courtesy of Ma’am Lena)

“Oh I’m guilty of doing that. Well, I believe its as simple as Man’s nature to just acknowledge on what is apparent. Men are hunters right? So it’s a skill needed on those days passed on to the modern era. It’s the same thing as shopping for a pair of pants – when we see it we buy it. We don’t think back on the pants that we can’t afford last month or wait for it to be on a discounted sale in the future, if we like it we just buy it. Besides we have a short attention span (also a gift to our cave dwelling ancestors). I hope I made sense.”

Of course maybe I’m just over elaborationg it. It could be that we are just lazy to answer both questions. “

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