Apart from Disneyland, California Science Center was I think the best place that Peaches ever went to. She had the bestest time going around California Science Center and looking at the awesome science display.



There were several playroom/ activity room for the kids in all areas of the science center. Peaches enjoyed the one at the ground floor because it was a mini house where in kids are given the chance to play pretend house. There’s a cute kitchen complete with kitchen utensils and appliances, there’s a living room, bedrooms and dining room too!

It was so much fun! Best of all, admission is FREE. The only ticket we paid was for the Endeavour. For us adults, that was the highlight of our day. The Endeavour was magnificent and I feel so happy I was able to touch it (LOL).

I encourage you and your kids to visit California Science Center if you are able to.

California Science Center
700 Exposition Park Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90037

Phone: (323) SCIENCE
(323) 724-3623
Download a Visitor Map (PDF)